Set to midnight

“I will not have time to work on the lea sim, so i have took some photographies and i let Linden Endowment for the art give the sim to some other artists.”

Contradiction :

Finally, i have got a too strong affection for this sim, i have asked to conserve it, proposing that :

“The sim is near a town, in a place where there is nothing, some houses and alone people.
The moon has been captured in a big cube by strange people.
Outside this is the night.
Some black characters live the end of a love story.
Some little robots are waiting to go into the space into a rocket.
the little characters seems to wait for a little piece of light.
The sim could open in june.
from june to august, black ink will attack the sim and at the end, the whole place will be nearly black.”

I dont know what they will say.

After i compare it too much more sophisticated sim, i take the risk that it seems to be empty.


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