Doubts dot doubts dot …

We have hard times all over the world, we have hard time in sl

For Studio Egg on mainland, a (small place) : 8704 m2

each month fees :

Recurring Mainland Fees 40.00 USD

Value Added Tax 7.84
Balance Adjustment (47.84 USD)

each year premium membership :

Votre abonnement : Premium annuel
Vos frais d’abonnement : 86,11 USD Annuel*

I have a work for the moment in RL. i can pay but :

Studio Egg is a private garden. Studio Egg has no artistic value. Studio Egg is not a place as big as i can put others artists big exhibitions works on.

I am just asking myself if it is a good idea to keep Studio Egg going on, or to go back in my personal computer to make drawings for myself, trying to put them in other more regular mediums.



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