A science fiction style was emerging from Igor Ballyhoo work at this point and i am sad that he chooses to deseappear now from Second Life. His universe was at the frontier of Science fiction and contemporary art. I personaly like things at the frontier of very different universes.

Zardoz maybe, Dark City with a point of Gore, the metal of a soldier mind, and the  cut of this dark metal into flesh. I dont know the real life of the artist, he is a photographer now, he was  a soldier , and he is 38 years old. maybe was he the witness of some violences. Too much maybe in my words , the sentiment that the violence in his installation is a real catharsis to him who has been a real soldier, a symbolic hard image. not the only illustration of a gore film. Maybe The eastern side of the world against the western side of the world, a more difficult and hard world against a western world full of artifical violence created just for entertainment in movies or in games. What he does must be read in the vison of his nationality and life. The problem of SL is that the identities are lost or unknown most of the time, and that a few people writes about the exhibitions , so , it has no  sense. I will continue to work personnaly in this beautiful media with enthusiasm , if i have the feeling that there is an audience with eyes abble to analyze enough for good criticism. Godard, François Truffaut were critics before to become filmmakers. Is there someone who will be interested by writing about what is done in Second Life ? Bryn Oh does it sometimes and well. i have a small list of links after. There is no art without eyes to understand it. I think there is no celebrity in second life, just  different sensitivities trying to find to a hearing audience, for whom art is a reason to live.  And people involved in this “club” are from all over the world, near sometimes wars or dangerous nuclear plants. Hmm I am feeling dispressed suddenly, i think i am going to drink some alcoohol, maybe a whisky, or having sex , no it’s time to sleep.

People i read (give me new links i dont know)

So different they are , it means it’s rich.


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